Through the years we have worked hard to develop a high-end wiring system that compliments our customers vehicles.  Each LS/LT harness is custom built to fit the needs and layout of the vehicle in mind.  We pride ourselves on building a brand new wire harness that doesn't make the customer compromise their vision for the finished vehicle.  All harnesses are built using a weather-tite fuse block with ISO 280 micro relays and micro fuses.  This fuse/relay center is sealed and designed for under-hood conditions.  In addition, each harness is covered in woven fiber loom with heat shrink at the connectors.  

 At Lone Star Diagnostics we have a conversation with each and every customer before they order.  We can help you decide what options are right for your project and which ones are not needed.  Why settle for off the shelf when you can have a system that is tailor fit for your build? 


At Lone Star Diagnostics we have implemented a 3 stage Q.C. process to ensure that your wire harness is free from defects and build errors.  One of these steps includes running each and every harness on a fully functioning engine run stand before it leaves our facility.  Each circuit is tested and monitored to confirm proper function and performance.  

Each wire harness is covered by a LIFE TIME WARRANTY against manufacturer defects as long as you own the vehicle it was originally designed for.  If there is an issue we will repair the harness as needed.  This warranty does not cover damage due to improper installation such as coming into contact with hot surfaces or physical damage from moving components.  Normal aging and wear of the materials is also not covered by this warranty.


Gen 3 LS Drive-by-cable  $850.00

Gen 3 LS Drive-by-wire    $900.00 

Gen 4 LS All  $950.00 

Gen 5 LS All  $1,250.00

Gen 5 LT Rework Starting at  $750.00
(Please contact us for more info concerning Gen 5 harness rework services.  Each one is handled on a case-by-case basis.  Sorry, we no longer rework Gen 3 or Gen 4 harnesses).

All of these setups would include:

  • Full wiring for dual electric cooling fans
  • Full fuel pump wiring
  • Full A/C wiring
  • Cruise control wiring (only available with Gen 3 and some Gen 4 ECMs)
  • Any addition wires needed to accommodate for specific gauge clusters
  • ECM/TCM and fuse block placement anywhere in the vehicle.  There is a $50 up charge for ECM placement under the vehicle seat or in trunk areas.   

Here is a partial list of details that will be discussed for each custom build.  

  • What is the year and model of the project vehicle?
  • What is the year and specifics of the donor drive-train
  • What are the specifics of the fuel system? Is it an in-tank pump? A frame mounted pump?  Is it a dual tank setup such as those found on various trucks?
  • Where is the ECM/TCM/Fuse box needing to be located?
  • Will the vehicle use a mechanical fan, single electric fan, or dual cooling fans?


Additional Information

A non-refundable deposit of $350 is required on all custom built wiring harnesses.  

Custom built products not paid for in full within 45 days of their completion are subject to forfeiture of the product and the deposit associated with it.  Please contact Lone Star Diagnostics for any additional discussion on your custom built products.