Equipment in the Shop

We are proud to offer a Dynojet 224xLC chassis dyno for rear wheel drive or front wheel drive vehicles. This is Dynojet’s top of the line single drive axle dyno and uses a 24 inch drum in conjunction with state of the art data collection software. The xLC has an attached load cell which allows us to add resistance to the rolling drum. This is most widely used in the high performance diesel testing world where modified turbo engines in heavy vehicles need rolling resistance to properly "light" the turbo. The Load Cell, however, has a wide variety of uses including the ability to help reproduce street cruising and wind resistance conditions of the vehicle as if it were in a real world driving environment. The Dynojet 224xLC is capable of recording information for vehicles running up to 2500 horsepower, 2500 ft*lbs of torque, and 200mph.